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Man-O-War Cay is an island that Koinonia Kottage calls home.  The island is

about two miles long and 1/3 of a mile wide.  There are approximately

300 full-time residents, which make up 124 family units occupying

approximately 110 homes in the settlement. 


The native residents of Man-O-War are decendants of loyalists

who settled in Abaco in 1783 after the American Revolution.  They initially

used the barrier cays exclusively for farming but established a

permanent settlement on Man-O-War around 1790. 


Man-O-War is considered the boat building capital of the Bahamas. 

Boats are still built by hand and many of the foregin boaters bring

their boats here each year to have them maintained and refitted. 

The island is known to have some of the best craftsman

in the Bahamas.  By building wooden boats for generations,

they now use those same skills in building homes.


Man-O-War Cay has two grocery stores, a hardware store, a sail maker's

shop, a full service marina, one restaurant, a post office, a hair salon,

a primary school with 28 students, and a high school with11 students. 


Since its roads are narrow, and often double as sidewalks, everyone

on the island drives golf carts.  If necessities are required, which are not 

available on Man-O-War Cay, it is a short 20-minute ferry ride to the main island of Marsh Harbor, Abaco, where further accomodations are readily available.



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