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Pastor Randy Crowe has a Pastor's heart, and God has called him to Pastor.  The New Life Bible Church on the island of Man-O-War Cay is a mission-minded congregation, and the leaders of this church have led this congregation to not only donate to missions but to go and to serve in missions.  Thus, the union of Pastor Randy and NLBC seemed to be a "perfect fit" for the mission-minded pastor to make as the home base of Island Outreach Inc.  Not only has this fit made it possible for Randy to be able to pastor this wonderful church, but it has also enabled him to do mission work throughout the Bahamas Out Islands; and, with the aid of a privately-owned airplane, which was donated a few years ago to his ministry, he and his lovely wife, Paula, have been able to serve both New Life Bible Church as well as help the other Pastors on the Out Islands through Island Outreach, Inc. 


     Although New Life Bible Church would never be considered to be a "mega" church, it does have a "mega heart" for the LORD.  With an active congregation of about 100 people -- on an island that has less than 300 residents when everyone is home -- NLBC believes in wholehearted devotion to GOD and faithfulness in serving diligently so that others may experience His love and tender kindness.  In fact, it was from this dedication of heart and soul to GOD, in desiring Him to work through them as a congregation of beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, that Koinonia Kottage was founded ... for this effort truly was born of one member of the body of Jesus Christ desiring to extend a helping hand of love and unity to other members of His body who may be in need of spiritual healing and physical rest.


     Koinonia Kottage is available to pastors and missionaries for a quiet respite from weary travels and labors.  It is provided by NLBC as a ministry of renewal.  Although each week's guests are requested to pay a cleaning fee of $100 for the week's stay, the lodging itself costs nothing additional and is absolutely free in order to provide an opportunity for all pastors and missionaries who need a quiet "get away" and break from the husle and bustle of their everyday lives.  Spouses are welcome, but this retreat is for couples only ... children will need to stay with grandma and grandpa so that mom and dad may have their much-needed alone time for rest and relaxation.


For more information, or to request reservations, please CONTACT Pastor Randy Crowe.

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